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Digimon Masters Alliance Digital Monsters Almanac /The Way Back When Machine'dramon
Version 3

The DMA was still rotating between Geocities and 50megs in order to survive on the internet. Version 3 was alive between the middle of season 3's broadcast in Japan and the very beginning of season 4. Back then I didn't know any CSS, nor how to spell properly it seems. The contents of the site was information you could typically find on any other Digimon site, such as, episode guides, lyrics, and voice actors. The Digi-Dex at this point became more of an encyclopedia instead of a Megchan copy. Sadly, I was unable to find Ver. 3 of the Digi-Dex.

The old News page (10-21-01 - 12-01-01)
The old News page (01-16-02 - 02-06-02)

Version 3.5

This is when the site was hosted by Virtualave.net. I started getting a lot of exclusive spoiler screenshots for season 3. This brought a lot of traffic and took a lot of bandwidth. Thus Virtualave.net ended my site. My Digi-Dex at this time was pretty big. What sucked the most about my server deleting my site was that I had no copies of the site on my computer. Thus I had to start from the beginning. I have not been able to find anything from this era.

Version 4

This is when the DMA was hosted by the very great TDE and when the DMA and TDP formed a partnership. My layout became a lot better thanks to Raidix's never ending help. I was able to learn CSS and constructed what looks like a darker version of Version. Final. The Digi-Dex was very small because I had to start from the bottom up after Virtualave.net deleted everything. This is what the site looked like:

The old News page (08-15-02 - 10-01-02)
The old Digi-Dex

Version Final

When the DMA was picked up by GodofChaos and Lost, I decided it was time for some cosmetic changes. I didn't want to change the color scheme, I only wanted to move some things around to make my site a little more easier to use. I won't be using a news page anymore and now the Digi-Dex will function as the main page. Here are the Digi-Dex and News pages before the change:

The old News page
The old Digi-Dex

After a year of being hosted by WtW and after finally completing the Digi-Dex, I decided to do some more cosmetic changes. I felt the Digi-Dex pages themselves needed a facelift. The most important thing that needed to get changed was to get rid of the buggy html code that would only work on Internet Explorer. Here is how the Digi-Dex and how the Digi-Dex entry pages looked like before the change:

The old Digi-Dex
The old Agumon page

Version Final2

Currently the site is using this version.


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