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Friday, March 9, 2000  


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1-30-02 was the day Megchan announced she won't be able to continue running her site. We knew about the problems she already had with her sever and the bandwidth problem. She had to pay over $ 900 for that one. The server called her up again with some more problems to cause. They wanted more money and Megchan was sick of paying. Later in the day the server began to slowly delete each page and picture .I rushed to get whatever info I could, but there wasn't much. 1-31-02 was a day of some hope.Megchan announced she will start selling a CD filled with EVERY page she had on her encyclopedia. Once you buy it you will be get a special newsletter which has an update of whatever Megchan gets to do. The CD is $6.00 and IT"S NOT BEING SOLD YET.  
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INDEFINITE UPDATE!!:The site will not be updating anything for the exceptions of any thing that changes during the season and the editorial.

2-3-02-Added new Editorial, put more pics in Season 3 Screenshots and
updated the Season 3 Episode Guide.

1-31-02-Put more pic in Season 3 Screenshots.The right boarder is now changed.That's how the left boarder going to look like in the new version.I also changed the spotlighted news.

1-30-02-Updated the right bar with one more affiliate pic.Now you get two choices.

1-27-02-Added new Editorial and put more pics in Season 3 Screenshots.

1-26-02-Put one more pic in Season 3 Screenshots and updated the Season 3 Episode Guide with all current Toei pics.The right boarder is now updated with one more release date for Japan.

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>> Digimon revealed for Season 4 / What The Holy Hell?!!?
Deviate / Wednesday, February 6, 2002 6:10 PM
- Click here for Image > Translation for ad by Digi-Passer

> New form "Hybrid" that surpasses "Mega".
> New attribute "Variable".
> New evolution system that uses "Spirit".
> New cards contain bar codes (that will be used in the new toys (digivices), games etc).

All I have to say about the new Digimon is that they are...."different".A new attribute and level?!I will either hate this or love it.

>> Spoiler Info on Season 4
Deviate / Tuesday, February 5, 2002 7:25 PM
- Nothing really special, but here is some info on the Season 4 kids.This info will be in the Season 4 Character section, but since you can't go to the page yet I posted it here.Special thanks to Megchan for translating the Japanese V-Jump magazine for this info: (Last name first, first name last)

Kanbara Takuya
- This cheerful, energetic 5th grader has a strong sense of justice. He's very athletic and is a member of the soccer club. He's hot-blooded and tends to act before he thinks, and because of that often has conflicts with his friends...!!

Minamoto Kouji
- This cool 5th grader is a bit of a lonewolf. His father's circumstances have caused him to change schools many times, and because of this he's not very good at making friends. But when his friends are in a pinch, he'll rush to help them without even thinking of the danger he's putting himself in!

Shibayama Junpei
- A cool-headed and watchful 6th grader who likes fortunetelling with playing cards. He's not very good at studying, but he's very knowlegable about various things like trains, stamps, and cards!

Orimoto Izumi
- This 5th grader has just returned from living in Italy for two years. She speaks her mind freely and appears to be very strong, but she's really looking for true friends!

Himi Tomoki
* The people who gave me the sneak peak information reported his name
as Nagami Yuuki, however in V-Jump his name is given as Himi Tomoki.
- This 3rd grader tends to rely on others a lot. His older brother never played with him, so instead he played on the computer all the time. He's a little cowardly, but he's very genuine and open about expressing his feelings!

>> Two new episodes Feb. 9th / Business report on 4Kids
Deviate / Monday, February 1, 2002 8:12 PM
-   9:00 am : "Kazu And Kenta's Excellent Adventure"
  10:30 am : "Motorcycle Madness"

I know the title sounds stupid, but at least their new.

- Here is a long business report on how 4Kids will treat it's new property.
Click to read more ,since this is long news.
>> Spoilers
Deviate / Thursday, January 31, 2002 9:10 PM
- Digi-Passer and Mastersordmon, both fans from Japan, post new info on what will happen in the next few episodes.Dobermon and the girl in black are good guys and Dobermon does help the Tamers.He gives the Tamers the power to make their Digimon Digi-Volve to Mega.Digi-Passer says the four Guardians send Dobermon to give the Tamer's the "Digital Glider".This "Digital Glider" is rumored to be the Grani that Gallantmon can use as a vehicle.The Tamers fuse with their Digimon again to fight D-Reaper, but Gallantmon is captured but D-Reaper.It is rumored this is were Gallantmon goes to Crimson Mode.
   In a later episode ADR-06 is made and this is were Justimon fights.It's not known if Ryo fuses with Monodramon.Mastersordmon says that "Jeri isn't Jeri.It's D-Reaper."I'm not sure what he means by that, but I guess the real Jeri is still in the Digital World and the evil one must be ADR-01(That's what I'm thinking and not anything official)
>> NOOOOOOOOOO! / Megchan's Site is 6 feet under!
Deviate / Wednesday, January 30, 2002 5:42 PM
- I just heard some horrible news today.Megchan's site will die very soon.Here is news from Megchan herself:

"I'm really sorry to do this, but I'm going to have to end my website.

Before, when the bandwidth went over so high, I took off mp3s and lots of images that were causing it to go over. Now it's limited to all text with the exception of the card scans and art.

Unfortunately that wasn't good enough. I got a call today that the bandwidth went over again, this time like $350, which thankfully is much less than last time...

However, I just can't continue to do this. We're trying to pay down our credit cards and get out of debt and then this happens again.

I don't know what to do. I love this website and I love translating the cards, but there's no option. My host said the plan that would give me the bandwidth I need is $250 a month. I have trouble paying the $250 a year for the plan I have now!

You may say, "Try Geocities or a free website" but with that much bandwidth they'll be deleting my site, too.

I just can't handle it anymore. I feel horrible, like I'm betraying all the people who donated money before, but even if people donate again, if this keeps happening...

I'm really, really sorry. "

<Sniff>Not only was her the best Japanese/English Digimon site, it was the most inportant source of Digimon info to many sites.Her board will still live, but her famous enclycopedia will be gone.I went today and visited each page to make sure to get that info before it's gone forever, but most of the pages are gone!This could be bad.

>> Pokemon and other 4Kids Crap on Fox Kids this Fall.
Deviate / Thursday, January 24, 2002 10:08 PM
- We now know that 4Kids owns Fox Kids starting this Fall.Many thought 4Kids' shows would fill up the time slot, but things don't look like that any more.

Last week, Toon Zone News reported that 4Kids Entertainment was going to program Fox Kids Saturday Morning block starting in September. It was speculated that "Pokemon," "Yu-Gi-Oh!" and "Cubix," all of which are 4Kids shows, would head over to Fox Kids in the fall. However, at conference call today, 4Kids announced that "Pokemon" would be returning to Kids' WB! for another season. 4Kids also said that they were confident that "Cubix" and "Yu-Gi-Oh!" would return to Kids' WB! in the fall.

When asked about having his shows going against each other on competing networks, Al Kahn, chairman and chief executive of 4Kids responded, "If somebody is going to knock you off, it's better that it be you."

Source : Toonzone

>> Fox Kids Mix-Up
Deviate / Monday, January 21, 2002 6:35 PM
- The news I posted on Saturday made a few people confused.I guess I should of explained it better to you.Fox Kids (The time slot, not the shows) will be owned by 4Kids fall 2002.Digimon, the episodes owned by Fox Kids (AKA the re-runs) are sold to ABC.The next part of Season 3 WILL be on Fox Kids until it finishes the season.

This is what we know right now:
> Fox Kids time slot sold to 4Kids
> 4Kids will almost definitely place their OWN shows on the time slot (Pokemon, Cubix, etc.)
> Digimon re-runs will air on ABC starting March 2nd.

This is what we don't know yet:
> If Season 4 will be dubbed by Saban
> If Saban dubs Season 4 will it be bought by ABC (AKA Disney)

>> First Season 4 Picture!
Deviate / Monday, January 21, 2002 6:35 PM
- Click here to view picture of the 5 kids that will be the stars in Season 4.

<Top:Left to Right> Kouji, Takuya
<Bottom:Left to Right> Yuuki, Izumi, Junpei

>> Breaking news on Fox Kids! Forget that ABC shit!
Deviate / Saturday, January 19, 2002 11:52 PM
- ABC just has the weekday crap (re-runs), but 4Kids (Pokemon Dubbers) own Fox Kids Saturday!More info from ANN
According to a 4Kids Entertainment Press release, they have won the bidding for control of Fox Kids Saturday morning programming. Starting with the fall 2002 season,
Click to read more ,since this is long news.
>> New V-Jump info on spoiler stuff
Deviate / Saturday, January 19, 2002 9:44 PM
- From the  new V-Jump
Official names on new Digimon
Koemon (Digimon from Digimon World 3)
Ketomon-Hopmon (Fresh and In-Training of Monodramon)
D-Reapar Army:
ADR-01 (No information given)
ADR-02 (Searcher)  
ADR-03 (Pendulum Feet)
ADR-04 (Bubbles)
ADR-05 (Creep Hands)
Dorbermon appears.
Season 4 > The Japanese title will use english letters.
Takuya > Goggle boy, looks like mix of Tai and Davis or grown-up Takato.
Kouji > Cool boy, but his look isn't sharp.
Junpei > Fat boy, looks gentle
Izumi > Only girl, competitive and looks like Mimi  
Yuuki > Youngest boy, looks like season1 T.K.
It is confirmed.The kids will become Digimon.
>> More weird news of Season 4 <Spoiler>
Deviate / Thursday, January 17, 2002 6:44 PM
- In Season 4, Digimon Frontier, the main characters become Digimon.First they scan Digimon data (Don't know how)and they change to the scanned Digimon.If you thought the Mega evolution of season 3 is weird, this is weirder.

Now I DON'T know if this all true.This was posted on Megchan's board by a Japanese person that posted spoilers before.They came true, so my guess is this is too.....

>> MEGA SPOILER / Season 4 News Baby!
Deviate / Wednesday, January 16, 2002 7:19 PM
- Straight from the Japanese anime magazine V-Jump, I bring you news about Season 4:Digimon Frontier

KANBARA TAKUYA (Grade 5, male) traditional Digimon hero with goggles.
MINAMOTO KOUZI (Grade 5, male) lonely cool boy
SIBAYAMA JYUNPE (Grade 6, male) kind and panicky boy.
ORIMOTO IZUMI (Grade 5, female) who have returned from Italy.
NAGAMI YUKI (Grade 3, male) specialist of PC

The names are not really all in caps and I'm sure if there names are placed after there last names (So Izumi might be the girl's first name and not last).The title was Digimon Scanners, but it now is officially Digimon Frontier.So the title and the human Japanese names are the ONLY thing official at this time.No word on the Digimon.There is no word where and when this story takes place.

<MY Theory>I think these are the original Digi-Destined that Genai talked about in Season 1.There were five original Digi-Destined and now there are five new kids.The frontier was what the west was called when it was being explored.This might mean these kids are the 1st people to go to the Digital World</My Theory!!!>

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