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Digital Monster Almanac / History
The Beginning

- It started when I first came to internet back in November 1998. That was the summer Pokemon first came to America. Back then I loved that show. I collected the cards and such, but I wanted more. On the net I found a Pokemon related message board. It was only one week old, but it was already packed with lots of people. People started their own clubs. I joined a lesser known club; The Pokemon Master's Alliance, the PMA. Digimon first aired on Fox Kids the very next summer. I laughed my ass off at that show. I thought it was just some Pokemon rip-off. I started to like it, but being a Pokemon fan I denied it.  November 25, 1999 I made a yahoo club for the PMA. As time went on I really started to like Digimon. It was during the end of the Myotismon arc that I made the.....

Digimon Masters Alliance

- Master's or Masters? Is it the alliance of a bunch of masters or one master's alliance? The DMA was first a yahoo club with very few members. We mostly talked about useless stuff. Like "Who is your favorite Digimon?"  I wanted more out of the DMA. I then made an EZboard called the AMA, Anime Masters Alliance. I wanted to make a series of sites for different animes. That idea failed. I couldn't even manage my two failing clubs. I decided to shut down the PMA and use all my time  to make the DMA club big. That idea also failed. I then decided to make a DMA site. I didn't know anything about html though. The computer I had then had all the popular programs to make a good site, but I had no idea how to use them. So I had to use the most simplest of the simplest programs. Front Page 98. I had planed the site to be released January 2000. That was during the half point of season 2.

Version 1-3
- DMA Ver. 1 was an ugly piece of shit. It had an ugly banner that I made using Word Font Art. The layout was very basic. I used the black for the back ground, white for the text, navy blue for header cells and black for other cells. My friend from that Pokemon board, where the PMA started (by then the board turned into the normal message board), made me a very nice banner and let me use one of his layouts. I called that layout 'DMA Ver. 2'. Then the DMA got hacked. During the 4 month down time I re-made the layout to plain black background cells with navy blue lining layout. That was Ver. 2.5. The banner was also the same. Then I got the idea to make the Digi-Dex.

During the beginning of the site I was going for the encyclopedia approach and was copying Megchan's translations to make pages for cards like she was. To this day some sites still follow this method. I gave that up and started what I called the Digi-Dex. The name Digi-Dex was first used by an anti-Pokemon site with Digimon information. Obviously the term Digi-Dex comes from the Pokedex used in the Pokemon universe. Later, the word Digi-Dex would appear on a rival's site, Pojo. The DMA was the first site to take Megchan's information and convert into what is considered a Digi-Dex today.

The first version of the Digi-Dex had MANY errors. Then I decided to change the layout again. This time I used light brown, dark bluish color, black and some navy blue. The banner was also changed. That was Ver. 3. I thought it was great layout and I moved to another server, Virtualave.net

During this time Season 3 was up to episode 14 in Japan and the Devas first appeared. I decided to start over on the Digi-Dex. The layout of the Digi-Dex changed greatly. Instead of looking like what Megchan had, it looked like what people come to expect in a Digi-Dex today. The Digi-Dex list was huge. Way larger then Pojo's or any other Digimon site created in America. This was all thanks to the DVR site, aka the LCD site. I was the first American site to incorporate LCD images into their site. By now, the DMA was slowly becoming popular. I also started using screen caps that Claymore, anther Japanese sites, created.

- It was around episode 30 of Season 3 when I discovered the exclusive MSN group made by Digi-Passer. Digi-Passer made screens for Season 3 episodes. Back then we didn't have 2Chan or anything like that. Nor did we have access to complete episodes back then. This group was very important to me, because Claymore had stopped making pictures for his site. The DMA's hits became very high because of my exclusive access to these pictures. People were direct linking my site all over the place on Megchan's MB. I was so happy, but of course that ended soon. Digi-Passer kicked me and lots of other people off his group because he found out I wasn't an Impmon fan. You see, you had to be an Impmon fan to part of his group.  Then I found out that someone on TDE's message board still had access to his group and I continued using Digi-Passer's pictures. That is, until Digi-Passer got pissed at me and "deleted" his group.
DMA Ver. 4 and Then Death

- By that time Season 4 started airing. I got my pictures from Omnitor Master (aka OMchan) and some from Claymore. I also completed the Digi-Dex. It had pages for 99.6 % of all Digimon. It was bigger than the LCD's, Pojo's and Megchan's Digi-Dex. I then decided to change the layout to Version 4. It used the SSI that I used in Ver. 3 and a simple CSS. I also started a banner contest and got plenty of great banners made for me. Everything was going great, that is until my server deleted my account because of high bandwidth. I was really depressed. You see when I was changing the layout I first deleted the copies of the pages on my computer. The only copies of the pages I had were on that server. So any pages that didn't have the new layout were lost. I was lost until....

Rebirth and Then Death.....Again
- Raidix, webmaster of TDE, said he would host me. During the two weeks I had before we went online I used all of my free-time on the site, but I didn't have enough time to re-make the 400 missing pages. The site opened back up to a very small number of awaiting fans. That all changed though. After a few months I had  tons of people visiting the site. The DMA was getting more hits than TDE.

Nothing lasts forever though. Raidix's server couldn't take the massive traffic my site was receiving. I was a sub domain on Raidix's server and it wasn't right that the sub domain should take more bandwidth than host. So the three sub domains were kicked off the server, with no real warning. The DMA then would get yet another shot and get hosted by one of the sites that was a sub domain on TDE's server; The Digimon Network.

Re-Rebirth and Then Boredom
- It was a half a year, but the DMA got a server again. During the off time I made DMA ver. 4.5. It used complex cells and table combinations, SSI, and CSS. The problem was the html was bad and wouldn't show correctly online. The tables would extend or retract whenever you changed the size of the window. So I trashed that idea and made Ver. Final. As the name implies, it's the last layout version I will ever make (Future Notes: lol, I wish). Using the same complex tables (fixed), but with new colors. Light blue, dark blue, black, white, and grey-blue. The CSS and SSI got re-made as well. The Index and Digi-Dex got the most changes. Now the Digi-Dex could only be viewed correctly on screens with high resolution. The news page featured, for the first time, graphics made by me.

Again, as fate would have it, the DMA died. Many reasons resulted in this. For one thing I was losing interest in Digimon. Season 4 was a disappointment for me and for Japan. There was no news of a fifth season. The time was November 14th, 2003 and it was the day I actually got a life. To me, the DMA was always an easy way out from life. On that day I finally got a girlfriend, my first. I was 18 at the time and I knew it was time to move away from Digimon.

But what to do with the DMA? At this point more than half of the Digi-Dex had been completed. I always had a lot of people helping me and I was a partner site with the Digi-Port. I couldn't just leave things without a goodbye. Before The Digimon Network failed me, I had given full access to Digi-Dex to TK of the Digi-Port. He molded my Digi-Dex into his own image, which is cool, but I still wanted my own my mark left on the internet. I gave ALL of my site to one of my last loyal fans and I left. He ended up not doing anything with it....

Season 5

- Years later when I was looking for anime to download one day I noticed there was a fifth season of Digimon. This came after three years of an absence from the anime.  Watching that episode did get me to go through all my old favorite sites. I felt nostalgic and wanted to give it another try, at least one last time. All of the page I had made during the time I was waiting to be hosted by The Digimon Network were never seen by the public. I now had a chance to show the world the DMA's final performance, Version Final.


I will fill this space when I have time.


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