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Swanmon : The Swan Monster


Toei Picture General Information

Level Attribute Type
Armor / Champion Vaccine Bird

First Appearance

In Anything Cards Anime
D3 Ver. 2 Bo-327 S4 : Episode 42


Family (Families)


More Information Bandai Picture
US Attacks
Feather Tornado
White Wing Flapping
Japanese Attacks
Down Tornado
White Marie
Evolution According to the Anime

Digi-Volves From

Digi-Volves to

- NA -

- NA -

Profile / Additional Information

Nothing special about this Digimon



"My Evolution" and Evolution in the Cards / Games


Digi-Volves From

Digi-Volves to

Gatomon (Armor w/ or w/o Love)


Betamon, Patamon, Penguinmon, Salamon



SuperStarmon, MagnaAngemon, Makuramon

Jogress Evolution
Etemon (w/ Butterflymon)


USA Name / Swanmon

Japanese Name / Swanmon

Origin / English. Swan.

Origin / English. Swan.


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