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+ Digimon Info / Digi-Dex / Nyaromon
Nyaromon : The Meowing Monster


Toei Picture General Information

Level Attribute Type
In-Training Data / Vaccine Lesser

First Appearance

In Anything Cards Anime
DPen Ver. Zero - None - S1 : Episode 34


Family (Families)


More Information Bandai Picture
US Attacks
Tail Whip
Japanese Attacks
Fox Tail
Evolution According to the Anime

Digi-Volves From

Digi-Volves to

- NA -


Profile / Additional Information

A small Digimon that has cat-like characteristics. Nyaromon's behavior is always capricious. But despite her capriciousness, she is also very curious and somewhat lonely, too. Her special attack is "Fox Tail", which makes the hairs on her tail swell up like wire and uses them to beat up the enemy. However, records show that enemies hardly flinch from this attack at all.


"My Evolution" and Evolution in the Cards / Games


Digi-Volves From

Digi-Volves to



Pabumon, Punimon, Chibomon, Leafmon, Poyomon, Nyokimon, Jyarimon, Reremon, Zerimon, Mokumon, Pichimon, Zurumon, Pururumon

Warp Evolution


Agumon, Gabumon, Bearmon, Elecmon, Hawkmon, Guilmon, Veemon, Wormmon, Patamon, Renamon, Terriermon, DemiDevimon, Syakomon, Agumon Hakase, Gaomon, Gotsumon, Burpmon, Gizamon, Agumon (Savers)

Warp Evolution
Greymon, Garurumon, Stingmon, Angemon, Gatomon, RedVeedramon, Growlmon, Kyubimon, Gargomon, Devimon, Dolphmon


USA Name / Nyaromon

Japanese Name / Nyaromon

Origin / Japanese. Nyaro comes from nyaa, which is the sound cats make in Japanese (meow)*

Origin / Japanese. Nyaro comes from nyaa, which is the sound cats make in Japanese (meow)*

* Name meaning taken from Megchan's site

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