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Digi-Dex / MadLeomon Armed Mode

MadLeomon Armed Mode : The Mad Lion Monster Armed Mode

General Information First Appearances
Level Attribute Type
? ? Undead 1
Début Card Début Anime Début
Season 6 D1-20 S6 : Episode 1
Toei Picture Bandai Picture / Available Picture


Family (Families)

- NA -

- NA -

US Attacks Japanese Attacks

Common Attacks


Misc. Attacks


Common Attacks

The Lions Sleeps Tonight 1
Lion Heart 1

Misc. Attacks




Variations Subspecies


Digimon Dictionary


The 'Kyoukiranbu Keitai' (Weapon-frenzy Mode), a further modified form of MadLeomon who is armed with a chainsaw.

By repeatedly being remodeled, its chains made it unbalanced, and as severe pain constantly runs around its entire body, it's safe to say that MadLeomon is on a constant rampage. It is unable to keep still because of its pain, and because those reflected in its eyes are identified as its enemy, it attacks everyone on the battlefield. With its "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" attack, it will wildly shake the chain saw attached to its arm and hack any living thing around it. Only when its prey or enemy has been destroyed, this lion's hunger will be satisfied and it will "Bed Down". Unless the enemy is defeated, this lion never sleeps.

Its "Lion Heart" attack is an impulsive destructive technique which runs wild whilst piercing the ground with its chainsaw, creating rifts in the ground that swallow up its enemies. Like the earth being split apart, MadLeomon Armed Mode's mind is entirely cracked. (Wildermon)


チェンソーとさらなる改造を施したマッドレオモンの『凶器乱舞形態』。度重なる改造とアンバランスなチェーンソーにより、激しい痛みが常に全身を走り回り、マッドレオモンを暴れさせる。痛みのせいでじっとしていることができないため、目に映るものすべてを敵と認識し攻撃する。まるで腕を振り払ってチェーンソーを外そうとしているかのようにも見える「The Lion Sleeps Tonight(ライオンは今夜眠っている)」は、生物無生物を問わず切り刻む。ライオンが「眠むるのは」空腹が満たされた時、すなわち敵を捕食した時。ライオンが眠るためにも敵は倒されなければならないのだ。

破壊衝動が表層化した「Lion Heart(ライオンハート)」は、大地に暴走するチェーンソーを突き立て、地割れを引き起こし敵を飲み込む。引き裂かれ砕かれた大地の様はマッドレオモンアームドの心の現れそのものである。

- NA -

MadLeomon Final Mode
MadLeomon Orochi Mode


Evolves From
MadLeomon 3

MadLeomon + Chikurimon + Mammothmon + Troopmon 2

Evolves To


Evolves From (Anime)

MadLeomon + Chikurimon + Mammothmon + Troopmon 2

Evolves To (Anime)


Name Origin

US Name / - NA -

Origin / - NA -

Japanese Name / MadLeomon Armed Mode Note-1
Origin / English and Latin. Mad. Leo means lion. Armed. Mode.



1 Digimon Dictionary
2 Season 6 : Episode 1
3 1-092

Note-1 This Digimon is called Armed MadLeomon on Toei's character page for the Digimon Xros Wars anime.


- Toei picture was created by Wikimon
- Bandai picture was created by Bandai


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