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Digital Monsters Almanac / Digi-Dex

Babamon : The Old Woman Monster


General Information First Appearances
Level Attribute Type
Mega 1 Vaccine 1 Ancient 1
Début Card Début Anime Début
Booster 3 Bo-146 S3 : Episode 26
Toei Picture Bandai Picture / Available Picture


US Attacks Japanese Attacks

Common Attacks

Empress Haze 2 / Embrace Haze 6
Dark Broom 6

Misc. Attacks

Charge 8 / Body Attack 10 / Tackle 10 / Slamming Attack 10
Scholastic Book 8
Cursed Breath 8
Warning of Light 4
Light Wave 4
Purification 4
Electro Whipping 4

Common Attacks

Empress Haze 1
Tri Banish

Misc. Attacks

Tai Atari (Body Blow) 9
Ring of Light 5
Wave of Content 5
Jouka no Hikari (Purifying Light) 5
Electro Whip 5



Weapons / Shields Subspecies


Digimon Dictionary


Not available yet


Not available yet

Story M/S

Digimon Story Moonlight / Sunburst


It is said that this Digimon was a Rosemon until a curse was put on it. No one really knows for sure. A swing from the broom it holds erases viruses. (This profile is from North American release of Digimon Story Moonlight / Sunburst) (Garmmon)


おばあさんの すがたの エンシェントがたデジモン
ロゼモンが わるいやつに ノロイを かけられて
このすがたになったと ささやかれているが
じっさいのところは だれにもわからない
みぎてにもつ まほうのほうきを ひとふりすると
わるい ウィルスを いっきに けしてしまえる


Digimon V-Tamer Residence


An Ancient Digimon in the form of a woman with a broom in its right hand. It's said to be the result of a Rosemon that was inflicted with a curse that spread inside it. However, you can't make light of its powers. (Wildermon)


Not available yet

- NA -

- NA -


Evolves From


Angewomon 7
Arukenimon 7
Lilamon 8
Mermaimon 3
Monzaemon 5
Persiamon 3
Piximon 9

Jogress Evolution
Lilamon + Vademon 5
Piximon + Lilamon 5
Piximon + Vademon 5
Monzaemon + Any Ultimate Digimon 1
Vademon + Any Ultimate Digimon

Evolves To

- None -


Jogress Evolution
Rosemon Burst Mode (w/ Rosemon) 5

Slide Evolution
Ophanimon 11

Evolves From (Anime)

- NA -

Evolves To (Anime)

- None -

Name Origin

US Name Babamon 6


Japanese. Baba means old woman.
Japanese Name Babamon
Etymology Japanese. Baba means old woman.


Citations Notes

1 Bo-146
2 S3 : Episode 26
3 St-838
4 Digimon World Dusk / Dawn
5 Digimon Story Moonlight / Sunburst
6 St-115 (Dub)
7 Bo-395
8 Digimon Story Lost Evolution
9 Digimon Story
10 (This attack is used by many Digimon and has been alternatively translating as such)
11 Bo-954



- Toei picture was created by Toei
- Bandai picture was created by Bandai
- LCD picture was created by the DVR site and edited by Lhikan634
* Name meaning provided by Grace Anderson, aka Megchan.


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