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Digi-Dex / Datirimon

Datirimon : The Dratini Monster

General Information First Appearances
Level Attribute Type
Fresh Data ?
Début Card Début Anime Début
Season 2 - None - S2 : Episode 50
Toei Picture Bandai Picture / Available Picture

- NA -


Family (Families)

- NA -

US Attacks Japanese Attacks

Common Attacks


Misc. Attacks


Common Attacks

Acid Bubbles

Misc. Attacks



Profile / Additional Information

Variations Subspecies

A Digimon that's born from a cherry tree seed. The color of her body reddens during her lifetime on the tree, and she evolves as soon as she gives birth. It is said that she'll appear as a partner to those who rekindle their hopes, although not much is known about her.

The produces of for the Digimon Zero Two dub held a naming contest for this Digimon. One fan choose the name Datirimon, probably thinking of the Pokemon 'Dratini'.

- NA -

- NA -


Evolves From

Evolves To

- None -


Evolves From (Anime)

Evolves To (Anime)

- None - - NA -

Name Origins

US Name / Datirimon

Japanese Name / Pipimon

Origin / English. Datiri is a misspelling of Dratini, a Pokemon. Origin / Japanese. Piipii is the sound of a high-pitched noise*


- Toei picture was created by Toei
- LCD picture was created by the DVR site
* Name meaning provided by Grace Anderson, aka Megchan.


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