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Digital Monsters Almanac / Digi-Dex

BigMamemon : The Big Bean Monster


General Information First Appearances
Level Attribute Type
Ultimate 1 Data 1 Mutant 1
Début Card Début Anime Début
Web Dot-Art Contest Note-1 St-93 S2 : Episode 41
Toei Picture Bandai Picture / Available Picture


US Attacks Japanese Attacks

Common Attacks

Big Smiley Bomb 4 / Big Smirk Bomb 5
Buster Dive 6 / Heavy Dive

Misc. Attacks

Heavy Tackle 9
Great Wall 9
Heavy Metal 9
Nanomech Heal 9

Common Attacks

Big Smiley Bomber 1
Buster Dive

Misc. Attacks

Heavy Tackle 10
Great Wall 10
Heavy Metal 10
Nanomachine Heal 10



Weapons / Shields Subspecies


Digimon Dictionary


A Mutant Digimon that exists as the boss of Mamemon, whose nickname is "Smiley Bomber". In fact, it's said that it is actually an aggregate of Mamemon. The size of normal Mamemon is equal to that of Baby I Digimon, but have an unimaginable amount of power in spite of their appearance, whereas BigMamemon's size is reputed for being several hundred times bigger than even a dozen Mamemon. However, it's still unknown as to how a "Mamemon" became so big. It has a very gentle personality and doesn't like battles and fighting. It always plays with its Mamemon followers. Its special attack is "Big Smiley Bomber", wherein it makes a Mamemon follower become a living weapon. Rumor has it that it will shrink in size after it performs this attack. (Wildermon)




Digimon Pendulum Version 5


Not available yet




Digimon Championship


A Mutant Digimon that is larger than Mamemon. It acts as the leader of the small Mamemon who follow it. Its large size helps against attacks. (This profile is from North American release of Digimon Championship) (Garmmon)


Not available yet

Story M/S

Digimon Story Moonlight / Sunburst


A mutant Digimon which is either Mamemon's boss or Mamemon's aggregate. It's 100 times bigger than a Mamemon in size. It has a gentle demeanor and is always playing with Mamemon. (This profile is from North American release of Digimon Story Moonlight / Sunburst) (Garmmon)


マメモンの おやだまだが じつは
マメモンのしゅうごうたい ではないかと
いわれている ミュータントがたデジモン
体は マメモンの なんびゃくばいもの おおきさ
せいかくはおだやかで いつも こぶんの
マメモンたちと たわむれている


Digimon V-Tamer Residence


Its size (data capacity) has been enlarged several hundred times over, thus making it dozens of times bigger than normal Mamemon, it has a very quiet personality and always plays with its Mamemon followers, but rumor has it that its body shrinks after it has finished using its special attack because it is said to be, in fact, an aggregate of Mamemon. (Wildermon)



- NA -

Mamemon (X)
MetalMamemon (X)


Evolves From


Clockmon 7
Guardromon 7
Icemon 7
Kongoumon 2
Mekanorimon 3
Meramon 3
Starmon 11
Tankmon 3
Thunderballmon 2
Tylomon 2

Jogress Evolution
Deputymon + Mekanorimon 1
Golemon + Mekanorimon 10
Greymon + Guardromon 1
Vegiemon + RedVegiemon 10
Vegiemon + Golemon 10
Vilemon + Golemon 1

Evolves To

PrinceMamemon 7


Boltmon 12
WarGreymon 14

Jogress Evolution
JumboGamemon (w/ Seahomon) 10
MetalGarurumon (w/ Knightmon) 13

Evolves From (Anime)

- NA -

Evolves To (Anime)

- NA -

Name Origin

US Name BigMamemon 4


English and Japanese. Big. Mame means beans or peas in Japanese.
Japanese Name BigMamemon
Etymology English and Japanese. Big. Mame means beans or peas in Japanese.


Citations Notes

1 St-93
2 St-577
3 Bo-907
4 St-81 (Dub)
5 Season 2 : Episode 41 (Dub)
6 Digimon World Championship
7 Digimon Championship
9 Digimon World Dusk / Dawn
10 Digimon Story Moonlight / Sunburst
11 Tag Tamers
12 St-581
13 Bo-109
14 St-61

Note-1 Created for the 1st "Digimon Web Dot-Art Contest". This entry is the "Volcano Oota prize" winner, appearing for the first time in Digimon Pendulum Version 5. (DVR)


- Toei picture was created by Toei
- Bandai picture was created by Bandai
- LCD picture 1 was created by File Island, 2 was created by the DVR site
* Name meaning provided by Grace Anderson, aka Megchan.


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